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The Manufacturing Process

The Manufacturing Process

The Manufacturing Process of irreproachable French manufacture !


Perfectionist, the Brand of Charles Landston has defined a charter of quality which permits the creation of exclusive and quite irreproachable finished products.

More than just made in France, Charles Landston has had its Art-T garments made by the manufacturer of SAS Patrick Chaillou who represents the French Nation ! It makes for our generals, our army, our firefighters of Marseille …

High tech is obligatory so as to honour its commitment to France to provide only the highest quality material.

>  Charles Landston and this prodigious company have selected the best microfiber fabrics with 34% elastane for the manufacture of its Art-T.

> More than just clothing, the Art-T is very complex in its manufacture and the company must have very specific machines …

> That’s why the step-by-step complexity of its hand-made manufacturing guarantees you a quality out of the ordinary garment.

Made in very limited series, do not hesitate to buy a irreproachable Made in France Irreproachable !


The Manufacturing Process
> Silk scarf 100% pure silk

For the qualities of this natural fiber, its lightness and its silky and sparkling softness, Charles Landston makes and makes use of the know-how of a silk Lyonnaise, founded more than 60 years ago whose speciality is the silk scarf.

>  With a laser print, the silk scarf benefits from very deep colours and so on one side or the other, the worn scarf will illuminate all its colours in the same way.

>  Rolled for finishing, it will finish all your outfits by insulating your body warm in winter and cool in summer

Do not miss this beautiful and very limited series thanks to the Made in France by Excellence !

> Made to Measure

Charles Landston has conceived a made to measure blazer for women as well as for men.
You select a portrait of your choice which can be your own or a child’s or a parent’s … or anyone else.

>  Charles Landston will draw and sign it. It will then be printed on the your blazer lining.
As well as the person’s name.

After this first stage with Charles Landston you will choose the materials according to the blazer style you want.
Whether it’s for summer or winter or inter season.

>  Then Charles Landston will make it.
At each step you will be able to see photos of it so that you can follow the advancement of its production.

Charles Landston, by using noble and luxury materials and with its exceptional Made in France manufacturing, can propose to you the most sensual and innovating of sensory experiences !

Signature de Charles Landston la designer styliste de la marque et fondatrice

Link to Charles Landston’s article on “Magazine Marie-France”

– The Manufacturing Process –


Confection_Pose du papier d'impression sur le patron tissu pour la presse
Confection_Couture des Art-T
The Manufacturing Process of Silk's Scarf of Evil Wolf. Made in France
Confection_Découpe du papier d'impression pour le dos du Art-T Tête de mort
Confection_Impression exécutée
Confection_Couture du Art-T Aigle dans l'entreprise de Marseille
The Manufacturing Process of Silk's Scarf of Evil Wolf
The Manufacturing Process of Silk's Scarf and Art-T of Evil Wolf.

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