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The brand

Your values in the luxury universe of Evil Wolf’s brand

Unique – Passionate – Exclusive – Rare – High Standard


The brand of Evil Wolf is different because of its extraordinary and fabulously beautiful creations which are directed towards people who live intuitively.

The force of attraction of Evil Wolf’s brand is human inspiration, graphic art, creativity and the beauty of life and nature.  The sole objective is to innovate and be a leader of the new tendencies rather than just follow behind.

The « Exception » and « Unique » collection is avant garde works of art, emotionally charged to reveal and inflame your values while resting noble and perfect.

The brand of Evil Wolf is a homage to independent men and women passionate about living life to the full and with a visionary concept of luxury fashion, searching to fulfil their innermost desires !

The ongoing challenge of the brand is to be always in harmony with the hopes of their worldwide clients.

The brand of Evil Wolf


Charles Landston conseillère en mode

Charles Landston, fashion advisor
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