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The Art-T

The Art-T

The ART-T : the Exception Garment, the t-shirt reinvented

The Art T, an exceptional story of the modern outlook of a visionary artist-stylist.
« My Fashion Art, my life, my passion which I sign for you : Charles »

The Art-T… a Unique garment, due to its novelty, its originality, its creativity and its draughtsman ship.
« My vagabond spirit is inspired by the bewitching beauty and the majesty of those exceptions of nature … the tiger and the eagle.
My hand, guided by the passion of my emotions sketches and brings suddenly to life, my new designs, my new creations.
I want my designs, by travelling completely over my garments, to take possession of them, because there … is their life, their vivacity and their force ».

The Art-T… by its artistry is a garment of Excellence.
It’s a graphic work of art, living by its emotions, signed and then individually numbered by the designer Charles Landston.
Each item is delivered with its certificate of authenticity and with its own unique number, making it thus incomparable !

The Art-T… an Exceptional garment by its innovation and its pattern.
It is designed without sleeve stitching, with perfect curves so as to adapt like a second skin to the body.
Supple and light it will highlight elegantly your silhouette, like the brushstrokes of a grand master.

The Art-T… its material makes it Precious.
Delicate and refined to the touch. Soft and silky.
Deliciously comfortable on the skin, like the intoxicating caress of silk.

The Art-T… by its fabrication. Mysterious and irreproachable. Made in France Top secret.
This garment is made by a company which dresses our generals, majors and firemen of the French Nation.
So high tech is obligatory to honor its obligation to provide the very highest quality products to the French state.

The Art-T

Charles Landston conseillère en mode

Charles Landston, fashion advisor
Simply advices but precious !
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