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Terms of Sales

Terms of sales
of the site


Terms of sales
All on line purchases on the site are governed by these terms and conditions. Your use of the site indicates your knowledge and acceptance of these terms.


  1. DEFINITIONS of the terms of sales
  • Article(s) : Products of all kinds proposed for sale (e-commerce service) on the Site.
  • Client : any individual in full possession of his legal capacity carrying out an  Order.
  • Order : an agreement by the Client to buy selected items via the e-commerce service of the Site.
  • Site : the website published by the company 64 Charles Landston and accessible at the address
  • Client Account : the account created by the Client,  using the form available on the Site and  providing the identification data necessary to create the account and deal with the order
  1. INTRODUCTION of the terms of sales

The general terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter « GTS ») apply exclusively between each Client and the company 64 Charles Landston Ltd inscribed in the Dublin Company Registry Office, number 560951 (hereinafter « 64 Charles Landston»).

The GTS apply without restriction or limitation are reserve to all Articles proposed for sale on the Site.

All Orders on the Site are conditioned by the prior consultation and acceptance without reserve by the Client of the GTS and the prices applicable.

The validation of an Order following the proposed ordering procedure on the Site is an acceptance of the GTS.

The conditions shown apply only to private individuals and not traders within the meaning of the Consumer Code and acting for their own needs. The under-18s do not have legal capacity and so cannot order goods on the Site except with the express authorization of their legal representatives, whom will be responsible to 64 Charles Landston.

As the GTS can be subject to change the conditions applicable are those in effect at the time of ordering.

64 Charles Landston reminds Clients of the necessity of suitable computer or mobile phone antivirus security systems.

  1. CREATION OF A CLIENT ACCOUNT of the terms of sales

To purchase Articles via the Site requires firstly the creation of Client Account.

All adults can freely and without charge can set up a Client Account under the heading “Create my account “.

The Client creates the account by providing his/her identification data on the form supplied. This data is necessary to deal with the Order and can be made available in whole or part to the 64 Charles Lanston service providers in the process of carrying out the Order.

This account is strictly personnel and allows the Client to identify him/herself before validation each Order.

In the creation of the Client Account, the Client supplies the necessary data under his/her complete responsibility and control and accepts to supply complete, exact and up to date information, not to usurp the identity of another or to conceal or change his/her age.

In the Client Account creation, the Client chooses his/her identifier (email) and his/her password.

If the identifier chosen is already in use, he is requested to select another.

The identifiers and password are personnel and confidential. The Client is solely responsible.

The Client accepts to keep his/her password secret and never in any circumstance reveal it.

In case of suspicion of the identifier and/or password being used by a third party, the Client must immediately alert 64 Charles Landston so as to change the password and/or close his/her Client Account.

64 Charles Landston reserves the right to close any Client Account and to refuse to accept a Client Order in the following circumstances:

  • One or more previous Order unpaid, incorrect, dishonest or fraudulent use of the Site or the non-respect of the Client obligations as set out in the GTS.

In the above cases, 64 Charles Landston will send an email to the Client concerned at the address indicated in his/her Client Account informing him/her of the deactivation of his/her identifier and password and the closing of his/her account.

In general, the Client is informed of the fact that his/her account can be closed on his (the Client’s) demand by email to 64 Charles Landston.

  1. CARACTERISTICS OF THE  ARTICLES of the terms of sales

The Articles available are those shown on the Site, available only during the period of display and within the limits of availability indicated on the Site.

64 Charles Landston reserves the right to withdraw any article shown on the Site at any moment or to modify the information concerning the Articles shown on the Site.

If an Article is unavailable after the Order is received, the Client is informed by email. He will be advised as to waiting time and the date the Order will be sent. He has the right to a refund following his demand in writing to 64 Charles Landson.

The characteristics of the products sold on the Site (photographs, drawings, descriptions, video, etc.) are shown as a guide and can vary so are consequently non-contractual.

Only the image of the Article on display at the time of ordering should be taken into account by the Client.

64 Charles Landston is not responsible for the characteristics of real leather – a natural product. The leather will always show signs of its natural origins (scars, growth marks). This does not in any way compromise the quality of the leather.

No claim for a refund or cancelling of an Order in relation to the natural characteristics of real leather can be accepted.

Some Articles on the Site are produced in very low quantities. Some are even made to Order.

For these Articles, the Client when ordering willingly accepts the production time delay indicated on the Site.

  1. ARTICLE PRICES of the terms of sales

The prices indicated on the Site are in euros (VAT included) delivery charges not included.

The price also includes all reductions applicable at the time of ordering.

Delivery charges are indicated on the Site before Order validation.

64 Charles Landston reserves the right to modify Article prices at any moment.

The price charged is the price indicated on the Site at the time of ordering.


  1. ORDERING ARTICLES of the terms of sales

For all Orders, the inscription and identification of the Client via his Client Account is obligatory.

The Client declares himself to be over 18 years old and to have judicial capacity or if he is a minor show evidence of parental authorizations to place an Order.

To place an Order the Client must follow the on line buying procedure and click on « Order » to place an Order.

The settlement of the Order means the acceptance of the GTS presented, the price of the Article and the contents of the Order.

After the Order is validated, 64 Charles Landston will send the Client an e-mail confirming the Order.

All Orders are subject to prior acceptance by 64 Charles Landston and are only definitively confirmed after reception by the Client of an e-mail confirming the Articles have been dispatched.

If the Client does not receive an email following his Order, its up to him to make contact with the Customer Service Department of 64 Charles Landston by email via the Site (contact form).

In no circumstances can 64 Charles Landston be held responsible for computer keying errors resulting in the non-delivery of the product and /or the non-reception of the confirmation email.

The Client is recommended to print the Order confirmation email.

For all questions relating to the follow up of an Order. The Client must consult his/her Client Account on the Site or contact the Customer Service Department by email using the form situated in the « contact » page of the Site.

  1. PAYMENT OF THE ORDER of the terms of sales

64 Charles Landston can offer the customer two payment methods : PaypPal or Credit card.

The customer will be required to pay any transfer costs or bank charges incurred.

Goods must be completely paid for when the order is made. At no time will sums of money paid be considered as deposits.

The price billed to the Client is that indicated on the confirmation email sent to the Client.

The Order is payable immediately by Paypal, or by credit card directly to the 64 Charles Landson account using the onsite form.

The Client is informed by email, once the Order is dispatched, that his/her invoice, including delivery charges and VAT.

The Site transactions are a highly protected system using the card number, expiry date and a cryptogram, allowing the transmission in complete security to the bank of the payment details (inaccessible to third parties).

For all orders paid for using Paypal, Paypal’s General Conditions of Use shall apply. The payment is immediately due and is made at the time of ordering. Client’s bank details go directly and in a securised form to Paypal. Client’s bank details are held only during treatment of the order and are deleted afterwards. 64 Charles Landston doesn’t see or store this information, Paypal being entirely responsable.

Procedure when paying by credit card:

All payments by credit card are managed by the Stripe society. This society protects your credit card data against eavesdropping and manipulation during transmission. It is therefore impossible for unauthorised persons to read this data during transmission in the Internet. The goods will be delivered as soon as the bank or credit card company has confirmed that payment has been made.

We accept the following credit cards: Visa Card, Master Card and American Express.

If for any reason whatsoever, the sum due by the Client cannot be debited, the Order shall not be registered by 64 Charles Landston.


Orders are dealt with and dispatched from Monday to Friday. Orders received on Saturday or Sunday are dealt with on the following Monday. Those received on holidays are dealt with on the next working day.

The Client can choose between several forms of delivery at his own expense.

By using the dispatch number, the Client can follow the delivery of his/her Order on the delivery DPD company’s website.

The Client will receive by email the Order number confirming the delivery and will be informed of the different steps of the delivery process by email.

The Article ordered if available will be sent to the address indicated by the Client when ordering within a maximum of 30 days from the date the Order was registered, subject to complete payment of the Order.

The Client is informed that it is up to him to supply all the details necessary (Entry Codes, specific information re access, etc) to ensure the delivery is completed correctly.

If the Client is absent at the moment of delivery, a notice will be left informing the Client of how to recover his/her package (the delivering company being completely and exclusively responsible).

The Client is informed of the delivery by email to his/her Client Account.

A delivery note is included in the package indicating the Articles ordered and delivered.

If the address furnished by the Client is not valid and this leads to the non-delivery and return of the package, the cost of re-sending of the package to the new address indicated, will be for the Client.

The Client is entirely and exclusively responsible for all risks relating to the Articles from the moment of delivery.

64 Charles Landston cannot be held responsible for delivery delays which are not its responsibility.

In the case of damaged parcels (opened, missing goods…) the Client must notify the delivery company or 64 Charles Landston by any means within the 3 days following the reception of the product.

Without a legitimate reason, all complaints received after the three(3) days following reception of the product shall be considered inadmissible and  64 Charles Landston cannot be held responsible.

64 Charles Landston reserves the right to request the client to return the non compliant or damaged products.

In the case of abnormal or improper returns, 64 Charles Landston may refuse to accept a further order.


The Client has fourteen (14) days from the reception of the goods to return them to 64 Charles Landston, at his/her own expense.

For the procedure for the return or exchange of goods, the Client should fill the return form at the page “Delivery and returns”. The Client should follow the terms and conditions indicated on this page.

If the Article chosen has a lower value, the difference is not refunded.

64 Charles Landston will send the Client an email indicating if the exchange demanded is possible or not.

The Client must check his inbox and junk mail.

Articles returned incomplete, used, damaged, deteriorated or dirtied in any way cannot be exchanged.

These Articles must be returned with their labels, suitably protected in their original packaging.

Discounted Articles are neither returnable nor exchangeable.

In the case of a return of goods, the Client shall be refunded within a maximum of thirty (30) days from the date of reception of the demand by 64 Charles Landston using the same method of payment as in the original order. The Client is liable for delivery costs.

For an exchange, 64 Charles Landston will carry out the exchange on receipt of the order. If an exchange is not possible, 64 Charles Landston will inform the Client and a refund will be made using the same payment method as used for the original payment, within thirty (30) days maximum. For an exchange, the Client is liable for delivery charges. It should be noted that only one exchange per product is permitted.

Returns or exchanges are made at the Client’s risk. It is up to the Client to keep documents showing proof of return.

If an article is not returned by the Client within ten (10) days after having made the demand, the return or exchange is deemed annulled and the Client must keep the product.

All cost and risks are the Client’s.


64 Charles Landston reserves the right to modify the Site at any moment and without warning.

64 Charles Landston engages to describe with precision the Articles sold on the Site and to update the Site in the best possible conditions.

Nonetheless, 64 Charles Landston cannot guarantee the accuracy or exhaustivity of the information available to the Client on the Site.

64 Charles Landston does not accept responsibility for minor differences between the Site photographs, texts and illustrations and the ordered Article.

64 Charles Landston is not responsible in case of Force Majeure (Act of God) as defined under Irish laws.

Particularly 64 Charles Landston cannot be held responsible for delays or actions not carried out, due to events beyond its control (« Case of Force Majeure »).

A Case of Force Majeure includes all acts, events, non-fulfillments, omissions or accidents beyond the control of 64 Charles Landston and includes particularly (without limitation) :

  1. Strikes, closures or other industrial action.
  2. Civil agitation, riots, invasions, terrorist attacks or threats of terrorist attacks, war (declared or non- declared), or the threat of or preparation for war.
  3. Fires, explosions, storms, floods, earthquakes, subsidence, epidemics or other national catastrophes.
  4. The impossibility of using rail, boat, plane transport, roads or all other means of transport, public or private.
  5. The impossibility of using public or private telecommunications services.
  6. Acts, decrees, laws, rules or restrictions of all governments.
  7. Strikes, blackouts or accidents of postal, maritime or other systems.

GTS will be suspended during the period of Force Majeure and the carrying out of the order and the delivery time shall be increased accordingly. 64 Charles Landston will do everything possible to end the Force Majeure or to find a solution enabling it to carry out its contracted obligations despite Force Majeure.

64 Charles Landston is not responsible for problems encountered while using the lnternet, such as, for example, interruptions of service or the presence of viruses.


The personnal data collected on the Site are held by 64 Charles Landston.

64 Charles Landston is committed to protecting the personnal data of its Clients.

All Client data collected by 64 Charles Landston are used in the strictest confidentiality to deal with the Client’s Order.

The Client’s data is necessary for Order management and Client relations and also to inform the Client of all offers and commercial information that might interest him/her.

This information and Order management data are also kept for security reasons so as to respect legal obligations and so permit 64 Charles Landston to improve and personalize its service to Clients.


64 Charles Landston is exclusively owner of the intellectual property rights :

  • Of all Articles proposed for sale on the Site,
  • Of all brands associated with the Articles,
  • On the Site, the …. structure, the organization, section headings visual and graphic presentations, its design ergonomics, features, software, texts, animated and fixed images, sounds, know-how, drawings, graphics and all other elements which make up the Site,
  • The databases, their structures and their contents, designed and managed by  64 Charles Landston for the needs of Site editing,
  • Of all the elements of the Site design, graphic or technical,
  • Of the names, signs, logos, slogans, colours, graphics, and all other signs which can be used, (carried out or implemented) by 64 Charles Landston.

It is therefore forbidden to reproduce in any form whatsoever, directly or indirectly, any of the elements outlined above or also to change in any way whatsoever the brands, brevets, names, acronyms, logos, slogans, colours, graphics or any other signs, featured on the elements of the Site or generally to use or exploit these elements other than in this presented framework.

Therefore the use or reproduction of all or part of these elements is strictly forbidden.

All such use is forgery and is an infringement of intellectual property rights (and sanctioned by law).

All hypertext links to the Site homepage or any other page is subject to the prior written agreement of 64 Charles Landston.

In no case whatsoever is the Client authorized to download or change all or any part of the Site without the express written permission of 64 Charles Landston.

The Site in whole or in part can in no case whatsoever be reproduced copies, sold or exploited for commercial or professional reasons without the express written permission of 64 Charles Landston.

The Client may not use any techniques to copy a brand, logo, slogan or any other information (notably photographs, graphics, images, texts, models) the property 64 Charles Landston.


The shown General Terms of Sale and the summary of the Order sent to the Client form a contract and constitute the integrality of the contractual relation between the parties.


The GTS presented are subject to Irish law.

All litigation is dealt with under Irish law failing an out of court agreement between the Client and 64 Charles Landston.

-Terms of sales –

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