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Entreprise magazine septembre 2019

Entreprendre magazine
Publication september 2019

Charles Landston

Unique clothes that combine love of fashion and art

Charles Landston is not a fashion designer like any other. Its originality and its meaning innate style are found in her creative range, mid clothing and half works of art.

This brand is aimed at all original and refined personalities, who wish to differentiate and let their freedom express themseves.

The Art-T t-shirt, a clothing apart
The work of Charles Landston’s life, Art-T. She is the best ambassador of the power of her imagination and her now-how.

This designer t-shirt is the perfect combination of the two talents of the designer : fashion and graphic art …


Séniors actuels magazine
Publication on July August 2019
France – Belgium

Charles Landston : Art and Fashion

Interview with Charles Landston, artistic director, creator / stylist and founder of the Charles Landston brand.

It’s with elegance and rigour in her creations that this all-round artist wants to mark her difference and her uniqueness !


Seniors Actuels magazine : When fashion meets Art … you tell us what happens ?

Charles Landston : Although they seem to come from different worlds, the links which unite them, it is certain, encourages creation and innovation. (smiles).

Seniors Actuels magazine : Where does it come from this striking passion you have for Art and Fashion ?

Charles Landson : This devouring and intense passion for the arts architecture, fashion and foreign cultures and my adoration of beauty and elegance developed very early in my childhood, thanks to my father, a music lover and an all-round and talented artist.
I was still very young when he introduced me to music by teaching me the piano, singing and also introduced me to drawing and oil painting.
As well, my mother, a leatherwork artisan and seamstress, proudly enriched me with her feminine cultures by teaching me, little by little, sewing and the distinction and art of clothing.

At barely 5 years old, I could draw, create and innovate my own clothes by blending my two passions : Art and Fashion.
Self-taught, ingenious and by nature curious, throughout my life I have never lost the desire to learn and increase my knowledge in all areas.
Growing up, this unconditional passion for art, fashion, beauty, elegance, innovation …
has led me to create my own brand of tee-shirt, the « Art-T », Charles Landston …

Press CHARLES LANDSTON - Fashion and Art Actualities, interview, info
Marie claire Hauts de France. Juillet 2019

Marie claire magazine – Les Hauts de France
Publication from July to August 2019

Charles Landston : Art and Fashion

Because you see fashion differently

Discover, exclusively, these garments for men and women which are works of art, really unique,
out of the ordinary and entirely made in France.
Wear Charles Landston and your personality, your good taste and your sense of detail won’t pass unnoticed !

Charles Landston is a really inspired artist, innovative and passionate, who, after years of research,
has succeeded in blending her two passions, art and fashion.

Fundamental values , an intrinsic association of colours and styles which has never before been seen in the history of clothing …


Maison actuelle magazine
Publication on Spring 2019 – n°59
Interview with Charles Landston and Maison actuelle

Charles Landston
A meeting with Charles Landston, the up and coming creator.

Enveloped in art and fashion since very young, Charles Landston decided to step up and launch her own brand in 2018.
A meeting with this humble and talented creator.

Since when did you want to launch your own brand ?
Charles Landston
: It’s an idea which was germinating in my head for a very long time !
From the age of 5 I was designing and creating clothes, either for myself or for others (laughs)
My desire was in fact to create and innovate a garment by the fusion of my two worlds and my passions: art and fashion !

How would you describe yourself in 3 words ?
CL : Unique, elegant and innovating.

You do everything yourself, alone: conception, realization, logistics
What according to you are the qualities required to manage all that ?

CL : Obviously one must be well organized, as well as creative, innovative and curious.
I want always to stand out and be unique ! Also I am always searching for perfection and quality

What is Charles Landston’s key product ?
CL : It’s a difficult question but I would say it’s the Art -T.
Basically, I undertook this adventure because I wanted to reinvent in my fashion, this ancestral, universal, known by all garment, the t-shirt
After 10 years of graphic creations, the elaboration of patterns, personal research, major complexities in techniques, in prototypes and in testing, with as many failures as resolutions, the Art-T finally saw the light of day and I am very proud of it …

Maison actuelle Presse
La tour immo Parution d'avril à août 2019 dans La Tour Immo magazine

La tour immo Paris magazine
Publication from April to August 2019

Charles Landston : the fusion of Art and Fashion, luxury made in France

Personalize your men’s and women’s blazer with the latest remarkable piece that Charles Landston has designed entirely for you : a custom blazer in your name whose lining is adorned with your portrait drawn and signed by the designer.

Give yourself a real precious piece to your image, for the unique being that you are !


Marie Claire Ile de France magazine
Publication on April 2019

Charles Landston by Charles Landston
Because you will not see the fashion with the same look

Discover these men’s and women’s clothing that are truly unique, exclusive, out of the ordinary and entirely made in France …
Your personality, your good taste and your sense of detail will not go unnoticed when you wear your Art-T T-shirt, imagined, designed and created by Charles Landston, a true passionate and innovative artist, after years of research.

Each piece, ideal in both summer and winter, comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.
Luxury in a pure state …

Marie Claire magazine Parution en avril 2019 dans Marie claire magazine
« Enjoy ! » - Transavia magazine Parution en janvier et février 2019 dans le magazine « Enjoy ! »


« Enjoy ! » – Transavia magazine
Publication on January and February 2019

The luxury of Art and Fashion made in France

Graphic designer and art enthusiast, Charles Landston is a designer stylist who shakes art and fashion by creating unique, personalized, innovative and high-quality French clothing !

Her concept is to play on movement, shadows and lights to give life to the drawings on all of her clothes in a black and white graphic.
The Art-T, t-shirts reinvented by the designer whose every piece is inspired by the life of the animal world, are signed and delivered with their certificate of authenticity.


PRESS and website

GALA magazine
Publication on December 05, 2018 in the file « Spéciales fêtes »
Website : Mon carnet d’adresses of Gala

Charles Landston or the inalterable creativity !

Graphic designer by training, Charles Landston is a polymorphous designer, juggling with ease between art, painting and fashion.

From her early age, thanks to the artistic plurality taught by her father, Charles Landston was immersed in the art world.

For the designer, the objective is to play on the volumes, the shadow, the light, the perspective, in a word to animate the drawing, to make the creature mobile. Of exceptional quality, T-shirts, renamed Art-T, are made in France in a microfiber fabric, for a perfect fit.


GALA magazine Parution le 05 12 2018 dans le dossier « Spéciales fêtes »
b-Inspired - Brussels Airlines magazine. Parution en novembre 2018 dans « The luxury issue »


« b-Inspired » – Brussels Airlines magazine
Publication on November, 2018 in « The luxury issue »

Charles Landston presents you her two Made in France collections
The Exception and The Unique.
Exceptional pieces will be presented at Made in France Expo Fair in Paris.

Come visit us at the stand : F12 Charles Landston.
From the 10th until the 12th of November 2018




On-line on September 03, 2018 on the website in « Les Incontournables »

Charles Landston : The Made in France art and fashion mix

Innovative, original and of French quality, Evil Wolf the brand proposes some clothing items which turn upside down fashion tendencies.
As well as knocking together art and fashion, this young brand also offers Made in France know-how and limited edition productions.

A brand created by an art enthusiast

Charles Landston the brand is the fruit of the work of Charles Landston, who from a very young age was immersed in an artistic milieu.
Influenced by her father’s interest in music, art and sport, at the same time she was learning dress making from her mother.




MARIE FRANCE Mise en ligne le 03 09 2018 sur le site dans « Les Incontournables »

Charles Landston conseillère en mode

Charles Landston, fashion advisor
Simply advices but precious !
Every Wednesday, an email ...