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“Sincerity is the keyword of the brand’s engagement to its customers !” Charles Landston – The Manifesto

Portrait of Charles Landston, stylist designer and advisor in fashion

– Manifesto –


« For 10 years I haven’t stopped working
towards that exhaustive quality which is required
Charles Landston


– Manifesto : the sincerity of my graphic creations

Wanting to perfect myself in the area of black and white graphic art, I sketched and sketched until I mastered it and found my own specific graphic technique.

After hundreds of drawings and creations, working on light and shadow, on movement and perspective and on the expression of each, I finally drew a royal tiger head, breathing beauty and the force of nature …
Judge his expression, elucidate the power of his look which speaks to you….

The eagle … my eagle is an extraordinary being of nature ! Look at him closely. He is in no way ordinary.

Drawings in black and white by Charles Landston of Eagle on the art-T

He wears his golden mask, guarding his kingdom like a king Have you noticed how majestic he is, proud of his beauty and how he loves to soar in the skies.
Nothing is more beautiful than to feel his freedom.

> My performance is to have drawn him in one single movement of the pencil, in working on light and shadow to give volume and movement …

> Each portrait, human or animal, should speak to you and communicate its feelings.
That is the meaning of life. Looks don’t lie … !

> With each of my drawings I look for emotional, expression and beauty … because each line has its importance, each curve must be exact.
There is the strength of my sense of observation, of the passion I bring to every detail, and the capacity to live and make live the emotions !


« My engagement is my guarantee which I personally give you. .
For me it is primary
Charles Landston

– Manifesto : the sincerity of my engagements

It took me 4 years to find a manufacturer for my Art-T. The journey was long and complicated.

Manifesto of Charles Landston - Where and how does Art-T make ? Marseille - Print on the material

Why ?

First I wanted a French manufacturer.

Next I wanted very high quality and certainly to find a company which had the necessary know-how to make my Art-T, which requires very special machines and unrivaled techniques.
It is made piece by piece, by hand and then requires another person to print the front and back separately. Then assemble it …
It is almost Art !

With my manufacturer, a company which works to the high level demanded
by the French state for which it works, we have chosen a very high quality material
with 34% elastane. Never before seen among its competitors !

Manifesto of Charles Landston - Silk scarf of Charles Landston. Where and hos does it make - from Lyon

Thanks to this elastane-microfiber combination, giving more suppleness thus freedom of movement and comfort, the Art-T temporises temperatures, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, – thus allowing your skin to breathe. –

> With such a level of requirements, of creation, innovation and fabrication the Art-T is in all forms a luxury garment as indicated by its price.

> For my 100% silk scarf, I used a specialized Lyons company with 60 years of experience. The high technical quality allows you
to have extremely high color qualities on both sides.

Thereagain I found a company which satisfied my requirement for excellence so as to give you complete satisfaction..


« To give you satisfaction with an artistic style garment
which suits you, that is my pleasure and pride.
Charles Landston

– The Sincerity of my Passions : Art and Fashion

Dear to my heart, my two passions are part of my life and I only want
to share them and their uniqueness, through my innovating creations. Charles Landston, the designer stylist and fashion's advisor - Sincerely yours !

Each creation I propose to you has been much reflected on.
It is a work which requires much reflection, thoughts, observations, attempts, and failures before finally arriving at what I want.
The Art -T reflects the results of a long term work over many years !

It’s not easy to revolutionize the fashion world !
Or to develop a new concept !
Or to want to create a revival !

But such is my daily battle to bring you pleasure and beautiful things which will do you honor.

« Sincerely yours ! »

Signature de Charles Landston la designer styliste de la marque et fondatrice

– Manifesto –



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