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Evil Wolf Fashion … but why Evil Wolf ?

Evil Wolf Fashion … but
why Evil Wolf ?


Extract from a dialogue between Evil Wolf and Charles Landston
during the « Fashion Art Suprême »


– « Tell me Charles, why am I Evil ? … Why am I a Wolf ?
Why am I Evil Wolf ?»

– « You are called Evil Wolf because you are the emblem of a unique being of supreme quality !
You are the being everyone dreams of becoming because you are different, gifted, shrewd, ingenious and crafty !
You are Evil Wolf because you are alert, innovative and perspicacious. »

– « Can you explain more your thoughts so that I can see correctly your vision of the being I am ? »

– « Certainly, Evil.
You were born because of your insatiable desire for something new, original and avant garde.
In everything you create you search above all, for the delicate beauty which brings happiness to those who acquire it.
You are Evil because you are the image – not a harmful being – but the contrary … you are one who is cunning and crafty. You want to explore and deepen your knowledge of all those areas which awaken your curiosity.
You are Evil … a being of superior quality because of your level of purity and perfection. »

– « So you define me as Unique because I’m incomparable !

– « Exactly. You are incomparable because you are who you are. You live your life. There lies your strength, ta distinction ! »

– « And why  a Wolf ? »

– « You are a Wolf because you lead an extraordinary life, breaking the rules as you see fit, living in that extreme sparkling and refined style of the creature you are.
You are a Wolf because you are gallant, courteous, honest, thoughtful, distinguished, charming … and elegant !
You are the outstanding example of the essence of life !

You, Evil Wolf symbolise the ingenuity of creative thoughts, the intelligence and perceptiveness is trends, the finesse and subtlety of fashion lines.

End of the extract

Excerpt from the words of a great artist friend of Evil Wolf


« Hearing my two friends, I can only feel overwhelmed by emotion and feel that Evil Wolf is a love story with a capital L, between a Wolf and his creator.
A magnificent love story where the beauty and goodness of each, outlines hearts which are both the softest and the most harmonious.

There is perfect agreement in their two artistic worlds : Fashion and Art.

The Beauty and The Beast orchestrate their worlds with boldness and passion, with mastery and inventiveness carrying out their “Fashion Art”!
Just like paintings which echo nature, in moving and fulfilling works of distinguished beings in search of life’s sensations, or great musical compositions which caress and intoxicate the spirits …

Evil Wolf accompanied by his creator-designer Charles creates, innovates, enchants, gives rhythm to and upsets those arts by distinguishing them with their human inspiration, by the beauty of life and nature … with the objective of leading, not following, the fashion.

The two in perfect osmosis reveal in their creations their Love of the elegance of feminine curves and the sculpture of the masculine form !

It was due to their extraordinary capacities that was born two collections called « The Exception » and « The Unique ».
I was able to discover it during the « Supreme Fashion Art ».

The vision touched me deeply …
Evil Wolf reinvents the fashion of irreproachable looks, wearing Art-T, impeccable and stylish, making you the Aphrodite and David of modern times, symbolizing force, grace, power and seduction !

This jewel case of living Art, Innovative and modern, delicate, light and fine, and for both men or women, is a step towards a new dimension in your well-being and your values through a concept of exclusive artistic creations, of performance and of quality.

This jewel case « The Exception », where you are the jewel is you, because it is the image of your Exception.

So now you know everything !
These are the words of a Friend with a capital F.
Now you only have to live this Admirable love story of Absolute Art because it asks only to be shared.

Dare to try Evil Wolf and be this Attractive, Astral being distinguished by Art-T.
You … passionate and lover of life, make real your desires ».

Signed by a Great Friend Artist of Evil Wolf and Charles Landston

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Charles Landston, fashion advisor
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