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Drawings Black and White : The Art of Charles Landston


  1. Wanda

    Ty for letting me know what I should start off doing I will definitely try that again ty very much…have a GD evening/day…..and I’ll CK out ur other story

  2. Wanda Grider

    I love art and I draw except I can’t get the pictures to go from my head to my hand so I have to see what I’m drawing…how were u able to start drawing on ur own

    1. Charles Author

      Hi Wanda,
      I hope you are well.
      I am happy to try to help you.
      it is true that it is not always easy to draw an idea in the head on paper. For that, I suggest you start gradually.
      1 – Choose by starting, a photo of an animal that you love.
      a photo where you feel emotion. You must have a link with the subject you are going to draw because you must imagine being the animal you are going to draw.
      You will put in yourself emotions that will be necessary to make your drawing alive.
      Drawing is good but make your drawings alive, it’s even better.
      it is the soul of the subject of your drawing that will make people affected.

      2 – You choose a photo where you can work shadows and lights and the depth.
      You watch carefully your drawing and you imagine in your head the important features that you have to draw to make your drawing alive.

      3 – After you put a sheet on your picture and you put a light behind to see your photo by transparency.
      And there you look for your features that you have visualized to highlight your important points for lighting, shadows.
      Research your personality and draw your emotions.
      Attention, you do not transfer the photo because it is not the goal.
      You have to draw what moved you in this picture! It’s not the same thing.

      4 – Learn to do this with different animals and topics to learn and understand how to work.
      And little by little you will visualize more benefits and will link the images in your head and your hands.

      Do this and you evolves. Do not hesitate to ask me if you encounter problems or if you have other questions.

      Kind regards

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