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Charles Landston

                                      Charles Landston

The designer-stylist Charles Landston from evil Wolf

The designer and her brand

The outstanding character traits which pushed CHARLES LANDSTON to create her brand CHARLES LANDSTON are,
a devouring passion for art and fashion, a spontaneous adoration of beauty and elegance,
and a sparkling regard for the extraordinary and the innovative.

CHARLES LANDSTON was born in Versailles and was educated in France.
She holds the National Diploma in the Visual Arts and she is a graphic artist by profession.


Her intense interest in the arts, architecture, fashion and foreign cultures developed very early in life thanks to her parents who enriched her childhood, by living in Versailles and by their extensive travels.

From a very young age, her father, a music lover and artist, helped her discover music by teaching her the piano and singing, and also by teaching her drawing and oil painting.
Her mother, a leather crafts artist and dressmaker enriched her with her feminine culture in teaching her sewing and giving her the taste for the art of dressing well.

From the age of 5, gifted with skillful hands, she started to design and create, first her own clothes and then for others. Self taught, clever and very curious, Charles has never stopped learning and developing her knowledge

If she can’t find it she invents it. If it doesn’t exist she creates it !

CHARLES LANDSTON, master of the arts and of fashion turns their worlds upside down with her unique and innovative creations.
Pushed by her artistic and designer impulsions CHARLES LANDSTON breathes brilliant new life into fashion
thanks to her contemporary vision of art and style !

Charles Landston conseillère en mode

Charles Landston, fashion advisor
Simply advices but precious !
Every Wednesday, an email ...